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Harsh Damania


Harsh Damania Is an Instrumentalist in Qasidaa Band. He also plays many other Instruments like guitar, dholak tabla, kachi dhol, drums.


Harsh Damania Is An Engineering student Pursuing his degree into Mechanical Engineering from the laxmi institute of technology. He Was Born On 26 February, 1999 To An Hindu Gujarati Family To Father Prakash bhai And Mother Tara In Pardi Gujarat. Sharing his parents with no other siblings he is only the single child of his parents.


Harsh Damania like his uncle (mother's brother) was interested in music since childhood. He had the understanding of rhythm in very young age but was not familiar with musical instrument at that time, until he first played dholak in some spiritual programs called "satsang". Then in 6th standard a band was formed in a school and he went there as a singer but due to his understanding in rhythm he was selected as a drummer of the band. He used to sit for a while in the music room with his music teacher and watch him playing guitar and that time he decided to learn that instrument too. So he learn few basic chords of the guitar and borrowed a friends guitar for few days to practice it seeing this his mom gifted him new guitar on his birthday and that's how he learnt the instrument on his own with the help of Internet and few music apps and place it very well at the time.