Dhruval Maher

Dhruval Maher

Musician (1999-)

Dhruval is a Versatile Member of the Band Qasidaa.He is one of the musicians of the Band. He can play various instruments such as Tabla, Flute, Mouth Organ and Dholak.


Dhruval Maher was born on July 26,1999 To Father Ashok Maher and Mother Meenakshi Maher.He is a student of Rahim Nasirkhan and is a very fun-loving and jovial kid. He has a dream to teach underprivileged children who wants to learn music.


He is studying in 10th grade at Government High School, Moti daman. He was a very mischievous boy who used to irritate each and every teacher coming to his class by playing and banging the benches along with his classmates. He always had his love towards music since childhood so He regularly participated in all the music related competitions. He always gets qualified in the3 final rounds. He has won many awards during his schooling life.


Dhruval is very passionate about music. He was interested in music since birth. As Taking regular participation in competitions he definitely knew where his future was.

His first inspiration was his own father. His father is an ardent music lover. He is a skilled mouth organ player. Dhruval used to frequently observe the tunes of mouth organ played by his father and slowly He got inspired by it. He learned playing mouth organ from his father.

During the Ganpati festival Dhruval used to sit along his family and friends where he always used to wonder how his uncle used to play dholak with so ease which made him curious to learn dholak. After learning Dholak his mind was not satisfied so he decided to learn various instruments which he wanted to learn.

After that he decided to join Bal Bhavan, an academy for music and dance. He is recently a student of the academy is learning music.


In May 2017, Rahim Nasirkhan along with his school mate Mayank Mahyavanshi planned to call up all the singers in their contact for a small Jamming session. They further continued to jam and soon a Band was created. They started performing Unplugged music and named the Band “Qasidaa” with a tag line "An Unplugged Band". The band consists of Mehul Damania, Mayank Mahyavanshi, Tejal Patel and Lajja Bhavsar on Vocals, Amit Bhavsar on Drums, Dhruval Maher on Dholak/Tablas and Rahim Nasirkhan on lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar. The seven members come from backgrounds varying from Gujarati folk to soft-pop and just acoustics. The band also performs gigs at private parties, local concerts and have a future plan to tour within India.


He loves Playing Football and is a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. While playing football he prefers to play as a center back. His favorite musicians are Zakir Hussain, Sonu Nigam and Arijit singh.

He loves to ride Bikes Specially Sports Bike and His favorite bike is Suzuki Ninja.He loves to Play Games whether it is on PlayStation, PC or Smart Phones. Her favorite food is her mom’s handmade Paneer Tikka Masala.