Tejal Patel

Tejal Patel

Singer (1994-)

tejal patel hasn't left any chance of performing on stage and winning various singing shows. She had even auditioned for a famous singing reality show “SA RE GA MA PA”, in 2015 and was qualified till 2 nd round.


Tejal Ravubhai Patel was born on February 4, 1994, in Daman (U.T) India, the daughter of Mr. Ravubhai Patel, and Mrs. Geeta Patel. She is an Indian singer, songwriter, best known for her unique soft vocal skills. She is the lead female vocalist of the Unplugged Band "Qasidaa".


Her father was a Government Servant in the Ministry of Education Department (U.A.E) and her mother, a Primary School Teacher. Besides being a technician, her father was a pretty good keyboard and dholak player. Her mother too has a sweet melodious voice. So, one can say that music lies in her genes. Her father was a gadget freak and was fond of collecting all possible instruments and gadgets. She was brought up surrounded by musical instruments like keyboard, mouth organ, dholak etc. Not only instruments, her home had plenty of audio and VCR cassettes, all collected by his father. In this way, her life was all about music right from her childhood. But little did she knew that she will develop her love for music in such a way that one-day music will become her passion.


Tejal Patel has always been a very distinct and bright student. She was among the top-ranking students in her school. Apart from singing, she was blessed with multi- talented skills like painting, dancing, sketching, and writing. She was jolly by nature and used to instantly make really good friends which constantly made her popular among her school friends Besides being a fun-loving child, she was studious and hard working too. Her hard work and dedication towards studies made her achieve great grades in 10 th boards making her one of the top 10 rankers of the state in 2010.That was the first time someone from her family was featured in the local newspaper. Seeing her dedication towards studies, her parents made her enter science stream in High School. She completed her 12 th class from Sarvajanik Vidhyalaya, Daman, in 2012 with pretty good grades. Tejal Patel is an architect in the making and dreams to be a successful architect to further design and enhance the real world.


Tejal Patel is equally attached to her father and mother. Her mother is her best friend, philosopher, and guide. She has always been her constant support system in all of her activities and can be said as the woman behind all of her success. On the other side, she is called up as her father’s reflection because of their common interests andhobbies. Her father was an NRI and used to visit India once in a year. But she used to spend the best possible time with him talking about technologies, gadgets, art, and music.

Day by Day, she started realizing that she is quite interested in music. She started exposing her singing skills in school singing competitions. The first time she performed on the stage was when she was only 7. She was then selected and made a part of singing choirs. From that time, itself, nothing stopped her from singing, be it the Carols of Christmas or the Patriotic Song of National festivals. She always used to be on the list of performers during every event. She started participating in various inter-school singing competitions and has bagged many awards in them.

She doesn’t have any formal training in music. But her excellent knack in music and undying curiosity of learning music made her achieve many platforms to perform during her school time. Her talent was appreciated and She was once called up by All India Radio(Daman-Branch) to record a song for them for the 15 th August (Independence Day) program. It was her first experience in the recording studio. She was in 7 th class.

Her family has been a great supporter in the case of music. They never refused her to do anything she liked. Her father used to occasionally gift her stuff like keyboard, headphones etc. which made her stay connected to music. The year 2012 was a very tough time for Tejal Patel and her family. Her father got a Heart Attack and He passed away. She lost her father at an age of 17. Losing a parent is like losing a part of yours.According to her, she lost an umbrella against bad weather. All she was left was with his undying memories and music (in her genes). But, eventually, she recovered from the profound trauma. It was Music which never laid her down. She got more attached to music now. Because Music was the only thing which never left her side in all thick and thins. She was constantly involved in listening music of different genres. During that depressing phase of life, she used to write articles and poems which made her incline more towards composing music. In this way, Music took her hand and grab her back from darkness to light. In one way or other, Music helped her to always rise and shine.

In the year 2013, Tejal Patel got admission in Architecture in Jagannath University, Jaipur(India). Apart from his designing and Artistic skills, She got into limelight among the seniors and faculty members because of her singing skills. She eventually became the Lead Female Vocalist in her College Band. She had even worked as the Coordinator of the Music Department during various College Events. She hasn't left any chance of performing on stage and winning various singing shows. She had even auditioned for a famous singing reality show “SA RE GA MA PA”, in 2015 and was qualified till 2 nd round. According to her, Stage, Microphone, and Crowd are the things which make her soul fill with joy and contentment. She never miss out on any chance to perform.


Tejal Patel has a very unique soft voice which makes her a versatile singer. Her voice perfectly blends into Pop, Jazz, Filmy as well as Western Genre.She is a huge fan of A.R.Rahman and has a strong desire to meet him once in her life. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, Usha Uthup and Rekha Bhardwaj are the singers whom she adores a lot. She has been highly influenced by Indian Playback Singers like Sunidhi Chauhan, Shilpa Rao, Neeti Mohan, Sona Mohapatra and Monali Thakur.Arijit Singh, Amit Trivedi, Sonu Nigam, Papon, Salim Merchant, Ram Sampath, Lucky Ali and Mohit Chauhan are her favorite Male singers. Apart from these, she loves the music of various Indian bands like Agnee, Indian Ocean, Euphoria and other International Bands like Coldplay, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park and Green Day. Her favorite international artists are Ed Sheeran, Adele, Sia, Rihanna, John Mayer, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Enrique Iglesias. She wishes to be a pop singer and a performer in future.


Tejal Patel is an Intern architect at a renowned architectural firm in Vapi(Gujarat)Besides being a full time Intern, she did not leave her passion for music behind. Presently, she is the lead female vocalist of the Unplugged Band "Qasidaa".


In May 2017, Rahim Nasirkhan along with his school mate Mayank Mahyavanshi planned to call up all the singers in their contact for a small Jamming session. They further continued to jam and soon a Band was created. They started performing Unplugged music and named the Band “Qasidaa” with a tag line "An Unplugged Band". The band consists of Mehul Damania, Mayank Mahyavanshi, Tejal Patel and Lajja Bhavsar on Vocals, Amit Bhavsar on Drums, Dhruval Maher on Dholak/Tablas and Rahim Nasirkhan on lead vocals and Rhythm Guitar. The seven members come from backgrounds varying from Gujarati folk to soft-pop and just acoustics. The band also performs gigs at private parties, local concerts and have a future plan to tour within India.


Besides Singing, Tejal Patel has a very good hand in artwork too. She is skilled in various arts like Painting, Sketching, Making Portraits on Canvas, Sculpture, Photography, Dancing and Writing. According to her, she is a quite good observer, a motivator, and loves reading inspirational books. She is an Aquaphile and loves travelling (specially by road). Being born at a lovely tourism place like Daman, she is much attached to beaches and never misses a chance to watch sunset and Moonlight. Apart from all this, she loves cooking and is a foodie too. She expects to fulfill her desires in life and travel as much as she can.